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As part of Esoft our main goal within the Tech department is to utilize data and create customized innovative solutions, based on the end user’s experience.

01. The Technology

Our Artificial Intelligence utilizes the newest methods from both industry and research. It makes heavy use of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), which is a type of machine learning that takes advantage of deep networks inspired by the human brain. These networks are not programmed in the classical fashion, but rather learn how to do a specific task by considering hundreds of thousands of examples and generalizing to unseen problem instances. Training such solutions require special hardware and very significant computation power.


02. The Team

Creating and developing new innovative solutions is a team effort, and we are proud to have an amazing Research & Development team of 6 creative minds who support each other and deliver smart and useful solutions.


04. The Vacancies

We are always looking for new creative minds with great ideas and good tech skills to join our team.


Are you a student starting a project and want to collaborate with our team to create a great project within the field of technology? then reach out and tell us about your project.

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Labs by Esoft

Esoft is one of the world’s leading property tech companies with offices in Denmark, Sweden and Vietnam. We are a one-stop solution for companies focusing on real estate marketing, and our services include photo editing, video editing, floor plan services, and social media solutions as well as various 3D and VR solutions.

With over 750 employees around the world, we process more than 35,000 images, over 1000 floorplans and hundreds of videos and 3D products on a daily basis.