Meet our new member Jakob Hviid

We are excited to welcome Jakob Hviid to our Data Science team.

He will be working across software teams to ensure the progress of our AI process.

Jakob has a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from SDU, a M.Sc. in Software Engineering, a B.Sc. in Web Development, as well as an Academy Profession Degree in Computer Science. Previously, he worked in network and server operations supported by an education as an IT Supporter.

Jakob mostly focuses his work on various aspects of nonfunctional requirements in software and hardware setups relating to high availability and scaling, as well as implementing the correct abstractions needed in software platform solutions. This includes everything from scaling traffic to websites, to creating big data platforms and solving metadata related problems using RDF and ontologies.

In addition to working at Esoft, he also teaches Data Management, Big Data and Data Science Technologies at SDU.

Jakob intends to apply his experience in network and server implementations, cloud-based distributed platforms and data platforms, to help Esoft scale our AI architecture and facilitate the implementation in our day-to-day operations.

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January 18, 2021