Future project ⎢LLM (Large lanuage model)


LLM (Large lanuage model)

Crafting real estate sales texts is a labor-intensive task with relatively slim profit margins. Copywriters must begin by collecting pertinent data about the property (e.g., BBR) and its locale (e.g., data from hvorlangterder.dk), scrutinize floorplans and photographs, and review notes and past feedback from real estate agents (stored in Confluence). Subsequently, they must compose a text from scratch, incorporating all gathered information.

In recent times, we’ve witnessed rapid advancements in large language models. State-of-the-art models have progressed to a point where they can potentially generate draft or even quality texts automatically.

Text generation offers two avenues for value creation:

  1. Providing draft texts to copywriters could significantly reduce the time and associated costs of text creation.
  2. Selling generated texts directly to clients could introduce a new, cost-effective alternative to existing copywriting services.
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April 22, 2024