Chasing the perfect image: Esoft launches its first AI solution

After less than one year in the making, Esoft is proud to release its first ever AI solution: an AI-based photo editor for image enhancement. The editor will be the first component in Esoft’s AI engine.

Imagine automatically improving the quality of a picture instantly – without human involvement and absent of any.

This technology to some degree is already available in modern smartphones, however Esoft takes the technology a step further by introducing a photo editor based on AI or artificial intelligence. The editor can transform even the dullest, grey sky in a real estate image into a sunny blue sky.

Using millions of historical data to create the perfect image, our editor does so as quick as snapping your fingers, says Esoft CIO Michael Sloth.

One of the most precise AI-models in the world

Developed from scratch in less than a year using Esoft’s own inhouse AI architecture, the engine uses neural networks, a data set of millions of images curated from Esoft’s +20 years of experience with real estate image editing. Using this data, the artificial intelligence can automatically improve the color grading and the focus of any given image and it does so with extreme precision. In fact Esoft’s model developed for the editor has been proven to be one of the most precise in the world when comparing it to similar scientific AI-models in the MIT-Adobe FiveK Dataset – an open-source database from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) consisting of 5000 photographs.

More solutions to come

With the photo editor serving as the first step, Esoft’s ambition is to develop and implement a line of other AI-based solutions in its production – in short, an extra layer of AI on top of Esoft’s traditional services for realtors.

The editor is the first component in what we call our AI engine, which will improve not only quality, but delivery time as well, says Sloth.

Other examples of AI-based solutions include classification of housing images via AI or automatic generation of housing advertisements.

“At the end of the day”, Sloth concludes, “The only limits are our own imagination and abilities.”

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