Juan is bringing neural networks into real estate

Juan Francisco Marin Vega is one of Esoft’s tech masterminds. In his industrial Ph.D., he focuses on using the most recent advances in neural networks to automate and optimize image enhancements.

How can we take the latest advances within artificial intelligence (AI) and put them to use in something as old-fashioned as image editing?

This is the focal point of the industrial Ph.D., which Juan Francisco Marin Vega is currently completing at Esoft in cooperation with SDU, University of Southern Denmark.



“We are taking the latest advances within sciences such as neural networks and machine learning and trying to capsulate that knowledge in models that we can put into production. And thus get them to work more efficiently, faster and without any error.”

Using AI to eliminate all the boring tasks

At Esoft, Juan is part of an R & D department of top talents within data science and AI, who work on pushing the boundaries for Esoft’s use of AI in its daily operations.

Specifically, Juan works on neural network models that can pave the way for using AI techniques on everyday photo editing processes. For instance the automatic color and brightness correction of pictures used in real estate ads.

“Our main goal is to eliminate all boring and repetitive tasks that our editors have to do on a daily basis,” Juan explains.

Learn more about Juan’s work in the video.

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